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Privacy Policy

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Donation Policy

PURE GOSPEL MINISTRY is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. We do not sell any product or service. All of our income and resources come from donations and fundraising. Any group of people or any individual from any country can participate in donations and fundraising on our website. Any amount you donate is welcome!

Refund Policy

Any donation you make on our Website is not refundable.The money you donate is used for charity and the various needs of our Ministry (such as evangelism, teaching, preaching, web hosting, video production, copywriting, Ads, SEO, etc.). Thus, we do not offer any refunds of any kind for any donation you make on our website. We encourage you to make generous donations (one-time or monthly) to help us cover our ongoing operations and campaigns. The more you give, the more we will be able to reach the poor, the children, the women, and especially those who die without Christ. May God bless your understanding!